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Pay Per Click Training

1. An Introduction to Pay Per Click Marketing

Pay per click is a kind of online advertising and marketing tool that search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and various others provide. In this advertising and marketing model customer has to only pay for those online visitors that reach their website by clicking on their online advertisement.

Pay per click advertising and marketing tool is the best way to direct interested clients directly to your website. As it is very cheap and result based advertising and marketing platform, all small and big organizations are adopting this to improve their business in a big way.

2. Preparing for Pay Per Click Campaign

Following a right Pay per click management plan is very important for any organization to generate large profit and get correct results. That’s why companies desperately need a good Pay per click expert or consultant who is specialized in Pay per click campaigns. This also helps them to maintain a good online advertising and marketing campaign within a tight stipulated budget.

In this plan whole advertising and marketing process starts after successfully bidding for specific keywords that is relevant to the services and products that the business organization has to offer and by which the user can approach the client’s website. But cost of these keywords varies as per their demand. So it’s the duty of Pay per click executive to make proper use of all kinds of keywords and manage them in a good way so to deliver client the best value for his money.

3. Understanding of Google AdWords

Google is the most popular search engine used for online advertisement and marketing. That’s why any one who has ever used Google will certainly know about Google AdWords as they appear on above and right side of the search results on the main webpage whenever you type any keyword to search anything in this search engine.

For advertising your product and services on this sponsored space you have to bid for the relevant keyword by approaching Google adword tool and create your own pay per click advertisement

Google Adword offers a host of free advertising and marketing tool to search appropriate keywords using which one can build an online pay per click advertising and marketing campaign. There are also many other tools available in Google AdWord which is used to monitor the volume of traffic on your site and all other required data to manage a successful pay per click campaign.

4. Techniques to Set Up an AdWords Account

Creating a Google AdWord account is very simple. All you have to do is follow these particular steps:-

  • Visit the Google AdWords website, and click the “Start now” button.
  • Starter or Standard?
  • Select your target language
  • Choose your geographic targeting
  • Write your ad
  • Choose your keywords
  • Enter your billing information

5. An overview of Microsoft adCenter (PPC for Bing & Yahoo!)

Microsoft's adCenter is an effective tool just like Google adword which performs the same duty of pay per click campaign management and optimization. Although all the functions of Microsoft adCenter are more or less similar to Google Adword but it lags behind the later on popularity count. But according to industry estimates Bing search engine is also becoming very popular with a huge user base. That’s why PPC consultants see much prospects and profit in running their campaign in Bing.

6. Learn to Set Up a Microsoft adCenter Account

Setting up a Microsoft adCenter Account is similar to creating an account in Google AdWord. All you have to do is follow these easy to do steps:-

  • Visit the Microsoft adCenter website and click the “Sign up now” button.
  • Now after filling all the required account information and company information details you are ready to create your first advertisement and marketing campaign.

7. Regional and niche market targeting

For many small organizations and companies who are limited to a particular region it becomes very difficult to online advertise and market their product in that particular region. Pay per click provides perfect advertising and marketing platform for such small organization who can’t emulate big advertising and marketing model.

8. Successful PPC Bidding Strategies

It’s very important to have a good bidding strategy before going for the keywords. As keywords which are most closely related to target business fetches best results for the organization, that’s why it’s very significant to bid for the correct one. But different search engines have their own Pay per click online advertising system, so the bidding strategies has to keep on changing to suit different search engine algorithms and online market conditions.

9. Keyword Research and Ad Copy Creation for PPC Campaigns

Bidding for the correct keyword as per the business demand is the most vital aspect of PPC advertising and marketing campaign. But it’s not an easy task as one has to research a lot to get the most relevant keyword that the user will type in search engines to search their product, services or information.

Only one keyword for any product or services doesn’t hold good as there are lots of different options using which users can search the required information. You can get all these detailed analysis report in your search engine advertising tool account. Here you can check the performance of your keyword and optimize it as per your convenience.

10. Understanding PPC Campaign conversion & ROI measurement

PPC campaign management is nothing but all about conversion and quality return on investment (ROI). Although all other factors are also important but a PPC campaign should satisfy its main motive by converting maximum online users who are clicking the advertisement into customers. This can be done by optimizing the web pages in a way such that the user gets hooked to the product or services and give it a try. More such kind of conversion means you are getting a good return on investment (ROI) for your client.

11. Learning click fraud & anti-competitive practices

All Search engine based online advertising tools discourages anti-competitive practices such as click fraud so that the client doesn’t has to pay for any clicks which are done fraudulently from a particular access point. Within last few years many countries have introduced World Wide Web based anti-competitive laws to discourage such online behavior. So a PPC consultant should have the knowledge of all such rules and regulation, so it doesn’t hurt him or advertising campaign in the future.

12. Monitoring and tweaking your pages

Every online advertising tool provides enough report about the advertisement campaign. Referring to these data, a PPPC consultant or the PPC manager can optimize their campaign so as to get best possible result.

13. Guide to use PPC tools and software

There are many Pay per click tools and software available in World Wide Web which can be used for the maximum profit of the client. But in the world of fast changing online advertising, apart from having a good knowledge about using of PPC tools and software a good PPC consultant should have a decent and fast analytical reasoning ability so that he can take accurate decision within a limited time frame.


Graduates with good communication skills and adequate knowledge of internet related terms and technologies (Students pursuing graduation are also allowed)

Fees Structure:

Duration:     Weekend / Daily Classes
Registration fees:     Rs. 500/-

Why Choose PPC as a career?

Pay per Click advertising and marketing industry is a very fast growing sector. It is estimated that within next few years this advertising and marketing model will either supersede or take place of all other advertising and marketing campaigns both in terms of revenue and sales. That’s why it is correctly predicted that Pay per Click advertising and marketing model is the future of adverting and marketing industry.

Opting for Pay per click marketing and advertising industry will give your career much needed boost to advance ahead of your peers who are in some other sector. As this sector is in preliminary stage, so starting early means, you will climb the stairs of success in a much faster rate.

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  • An Introduction to Pay Per Click Marketing
  • Preparing for Pay Per Click Campaign
  • Understanding of Google AdWords
  • Techniques to Set Up an AdWords Account
  • An overview of Microsoft adCenter (PPC for Bing & Yahoo!)
  • Learn to Set Up a Microsoft adCenter Account
  • Regional and niche market targeting
  • Successful PPC Bidding Strategies
  • Keyword Research and Ad Copy Creation for PPC Campaigns
  • Understanding PPC Campaign conversion & ROI measurement
  • Learning click fraud & anti-competitive practices
  • Monitoring and tweaking your pages
  • Guide to use PPC tools and software
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