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Advance Digital Marketing Course

Hiaim Advance in Digital Marketing Course covers principal modules of Digital Marketing which assist Business to Boost on Online Platforms .To generate greater site visitors on their systems and to boom Lead Generations, Brand Awareness there are numerous methods,which is going to study in this like Website Designing,Content Marketing,SEO,Google Search Console,Social Media Marketing,Google Ads,Remarketing,and so forth,.There are many Job Opportunities in this Domain,so Hiaim Trainer,skilled their college students on Industry Level on the way to get located with extremely good profits bundle or they could start paintings as a Freelancer as properly or even can begin own StartUp.

Digital Marketing Course

  50+ Modules 

  118 hrs Training

Special Session

  Black Hat Techniques

  Dropshipping Concepts

Tools & Software / Projects

  Tools / Themes 

  Live Projects


  09 Google Certifications

  01 Hiaim Certification



Hiaim - Covers 50+ modules that you will learn in Advanced in digital marketing training program.


Check-Icon  Ice Breaker for Digital Marketing Overview

Check-Icon  Digital Marketing Strategy

Check-Icon  Web Designing with no codes

Check-Icon  Practical Approach

Check-Icon  Email Marketing

Check-Icon  Inbound Marketing

Check-Icon  Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Check-Icon  Google Webmaster Tool

Check-Icon  Search Engine Algorithms

Check-Icon  Local Business Listning

Check-Icon  Google Analytics

Check-Icon  Content Marketing

Check-Icon  Competitors Analysis

Check-Icon  Social Meda Marketing

Check-Icon  Video Marketing Fundamentals

Check-Icon  Media Buying & Planning

Check-Icon  E-commerce Marketing

Check-Icon  Mobile Marketing

Check-Icon  Optimization Converstion Rate

Check-Icon  Google Adwords

Check-Icon  Online Display Advertising

Check-Icon  Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Check-Icon  Creating Marketing Strategy

Check-Icon  Lead Generation for Business


Check-Icon  Live Practical Session

Check-Icon  Case Study Discussion

Check-Icon  Digital Marketing Interview Preperation

Check-Icon  Blogging

Check-Icon  Adsense

Check-Icon  Affiliate Marketing

Check-Icon  Freelancer Pushups

Check-Icon  Black Hat Techniques

Check-Icon  Search Engine & Social Marketing Parameters

Check-Icon  Remarketing Concept

Check-Icon  Other Modules

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Training Course Module

We are providing 50+ modules in our Advanced in Digital Marketing Course.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing has now emerged as the most effective marketing tool to reach a number of targeted audiences at the lowest cost. This is the most feasible advertising technique that makes use of Social Media to reach internet users in bulk. It is also the best way to gain customer’s trust and is now widely used as the method of marketing that is producing a high response rate. This is the reason we have introduced an email marketing course. After successful completion of this course, the trainees will be able to understand the techniques required to effectively interact and draft emails for the targeted audience.

Our email marketing training courses teach trainees the fundamentals that are behind email marketing campaigns, email deliverability, email copywriting, and more. We provide trainers who are already in this industry and their experiences and best practices are well shared in the sessions. Trainees also get to know the best use of social media, analytics, and mobile strategies to create a unified, integrated email marketing strategy.

Important Course Objectives
• Learn tactics to draw more traffic by generating brand awareness and get high visibility
• Understand effective tactics of email marketing
• Learn to build an email list and email campaigns
• Understanding the Marketing Process
• Learn skills to market a business with the use of an email marketing platform
• Gain knowledge on to generate a large number of email subscribers
• In-depth knowledge of the email marketing rules and regulations
• Learn the best ways to send mass emails to various people who look for a particular product or service

PPC (Pay Per Click)

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing is the best modern advertising strategy that is used to target the prospective audience over the social media to increase the sale. In this method, advertiser advertises on different websites and pay for the each click made by the audience. This has raised the demand for PPC Training Course. We understand that this is very effective marketing technique and is widely providing career option and business growth to job seekers and business owners. With this one can generate leads at low cost and grow the customer base easily. PPC training provided by us concentrates on using the search engine for generating clicks for the websites rather than concentrate on earning. This is also the form of sponsored ads.


Why prefer us for best PPC and Google AdWords course?


The answer to this is simple, we have expert trainers who are in the industry and well understand the concept of placing ads to the Google search engine. The sessions provided assures of providing in-depth knowledge of the PPC through instructor lead and video lesson, a screen cask walks through a session using live AdWords program and links to various live sessions and tools and articles for detailed information. We also make sure to regularly update the course contents and opt for the latest tools that Google has experienced. This helps in keeping the trainees up to date. We ensure that you will learn the best ways to showcase your ads over the internet using flash, social media, banners and other ways.

Our PPC Course Delhi and AdWords training are highly dedicated to the entrepreneurs, business owners, marketing professionals, marketing students and job seekers in this industry who loves to learn about the best tactics for placing ads on Google search engine. Trainers will learn the best way to use the AdWords performance grade to grade the PPC and find the exact progress. After completing this PPC course, trainees will be able to handle the Pay-Per-Click campaigns with the ability to add PPC keywords, add negative keywords, split Ad groups, define landing pages and review costly PPC keywords.

Online Reputation Management

Understanding the concept of online reputation management reveals that you need to possess knowledge of the various analytical and practical methods that will allow you to understand the negative components and ways to eliminate them from your website. In this module, we make sure that you get deep knowledge in developing branding strategies and monitor the brand image by providing it with a positive outlook. The importance of this module cannot be expressed in words, as it is the complete solution for your business website. After the completion of the course, you will be able to deal with the social media and will easily manage the brand name by attracting organic viewers to the website.

Who should attend this training?


  •  Business heads
  •  Digital marketing team
  •  Sales & marketing team
  •  PR & communication team
  •  CRM team
  •  CXO’s

Key promises of online reputation management training:


  •  Understand ways to measure and analyse sentiment of the brand
  •  Why should brand care about the building online reputation?
  •  Get knowledge to deal with the negative conversations
  •  Learn to create & execute online reputation management strategy.

Affiliate Marketing

We have come up with the balanced affiliate marketing course that is handled by the professionals in this industry. Affiliate marketing method is now opted among all sort of business that is using digital platforms. With this course, one will get complete knowledge on the affiliate marketing. With this targeted marketing, it is easy to reach customers that finally lead to business success. The class conducted by experts teach trainees to learn best practices to place banner ads, hyperlinks for product images, buttons, etc over the various website.

Course Curriculum


  •  Understanding of affiliate marketing
  •  Types of affiliate marketing
  •  Affiliate marketing agencies, products and services
  •  How to how expertise in handling best affiliate marketing for particular business
  •  Commission based lead generation
  •  Understanding of the affiliate networks
  •  Tactics to apply the affiliate networks for marketing business
  •  Affiliate marketing success stories

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing module provided by us concentrate on developing skills in the trainees to build the brand image along with generating leads for the respective business. It is sure that after completing the desired SMO Courses from Delhi Institute of Digital Marketing you will understand the complete concept of digital marketing and ways to use it extensively for promoting your products and services. Various methods and tactics are introduced in the sessions that will help trainees to improve their reach within the customers and prospects.

Key benefits of availing Social Media Marketing Training in Delhi from us:


  •  Learn to create effective campaigns with the use of Social Media
  •  Be a Social Media expert by choosing it as a career option
  •  Learn how to create effective Social Media Strategies
  •  Flexible sessions that include weekday/weekend and Face to Face classes


Our Social Media Marketing Training in Delhi sessions include theoretical knowledge along with the practical knowledge. Candidates get an opportunity to participate in the live projects and understand the important concept, key factors and tactics that are important for a successful expert. Our experts have designed the social media marketing courses that concentrate on developing experts with competitive class skill who will contribute to the overall development of the Social Media Marketing industry. Complete knowledge of the course, timing, fee, eligibility and any other doubt can be cleared by reaching us over our contact information available in the Contact us option.

Search Engine Optimization

We have designed SEO training course in Delhi to provide complete knowledge of the tools, techniques and concepts of Search Engine Optimisation. The course not only provides the basic concepts of the SEO but also cares for providing hand on practice in the industry related applications and tools under the guidance of industry experts. This course ensures to provide the necessary skill to trainees to maintain the top listing of the websites in the search engine. This course concentrates on 360-degree development and learning of modules that provide complete knowledge of the industry and SEO concepts.

Some of the main objectives of our SEO training course in Delhi are:


  •  Basic and advanced skills of SEO
  •  Understand concept of how Search Engine Works
  • Understanding on how to attract traffic to website, new customers and boost visibility
  •  Learn various research methods to collect valuable data
  •  Learn best techniques and practices of SEO for high website ranking
  • Learn how to troubleshoot problems and manage website


With all these specialities, we have emerged as the best SEO Training in Delhi. The entire training is quite exhaustive and consists of various steps and sessions that slowly reveals the hidden facts and concepts of the industry. We have made SEO training course in Delhi simple and easy according to the requirement of trainees. We conduct classes on weekends and weekdays.

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Google AdSense is a program run by Google that allows publishers in the Google Network of content sites to serve automatic text, image, video, or interactive media advertisements that are targeted to site content and audience. These advertisements are administered, sorted, and maintained by Google. They can generate revenue on either a per-click or per-impression basis. AdSense has become one of the popular programs that specialize in creating and placing banner advertisements on a website or blog because the advertisements are less intrusive and the content of the advertisements is often relevant to the website.