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PPC a wittiest way to increase sales !


If you aspire to build your career in digital marketing, then it is highly important for you to have knowledge about the terms used in it. Many of you may have heard about PPC (Pay per Click), but it is very rare to have deep knowledge of this technique, the terms used, how it works and much more. So, if you’re curious to learn every fine detail and to have better understanding, here with this article, I will take you to the journey, where you will not only get to know about PPC, but also the terms used.

Before going in deep details, let’s start with the definition, basic understanding of the term and its importance.

What is PPC?

Pay per Click commonly referred as PPC is one of the important tentacles of digital marketing, where marketers or advertisers need to pay only for the number of clicks came in their targeted websites. The price paid for each clicks are not fixed, it varies from one click to another. If go deep into its meaning, it nothing but paid marketing tool, where you buy visits for your website.

Let’s take an example.

As we know digital marketing has become a trend. Many companies are moving to internet marketing, so there is huge completion on the World Wide Web.

Suppose you are a budding entrepreneur, and you desire to see your company’s ads on the top of the search engine on the particular keyword. Then in this case you have to apply Search engine advertising, a most famous PPC technique. It will facilitate you bid for ad placement in a search engine. So, if you are bidding for a keyword like “digital marketing course”, then your ad may show on the top of the search engine, which increases the probability of getting maximum number of clicks.

Every time visitor visits your website, you need to pay the Google a small amount. If everything goes well you can make huge profit out of small amount.

Why it is important?

Every one desires to see their company’s ad on the top of the search engines. But it is not that easy, as many companies with the same kind of products are competing to upgrade its ranking in the SERPs. If you want to drive maximum number traffic to your online address, and want to establish your brand in the market, it is very important that your ad appear in top 5 in the search engine.

If you have enough budgets for your marketing section, then PPC is the quick and smartest way to get on the top of the search engines.


Tentacles of PPC

  • Cost-per-click :

    The cost per click also termed as CPC means that an entrepreneur or business house outsource PPC program from Google, where he/she requires to pay for each click that comes on its ad page. It is the best way to increase your sales.

  • Cost-per-impression (CPM) :

    In this case advertisers are required to pay to the Google for every 1,000 times his/her ad appears on the page. Even if the users don’t click only views it, the search engine counts it, as it just counts the impression. It is best for increasing brand awareness.

  • Bid :

    In a online ad campaign, the maximum amount you kept for a particular search keyword, in order to appear on the top of the search engine.

  • Click-Through Rate (CTR) :

    In an online marketing campaign, CTR is technique to measure the performance of an advertising campaign. It is calculated by dividing the number of click on an ad by the number of impressions.

  • Conversion Rate :

    The Conversion rate is determined by conversions divided by clicks.