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How can Tumblr be used for Brand Promotion?


Tumblr is a newly born social media platform, which has been around for few years. In spite of the fact that it was founded in the year 2007, in a very short time, it has gained huge popularity. You will be amazed that more than 86 million blogs and 18 billion page viewer get hitched every month.

It is one of those young social networking website, which has gained exceptional growth. The traffic on Tumblr is growing high rate of 74% per year. It is proved that Tumblr is leading to be the best platform for business houses and marketers, who want to spread brand awareness.

What is Tumblr?

Tumblr is a social networking website that is primarily used to post and share images, video, GIFs, audio clips, short articles, feature, informative content, and much more. It is a blend of the blogger and social network, facilitating the users to share anything effortlessly.

It was made online in February 2007 and later in the year 2013; yahoo took over its rights in $1.1billion. At present, it has over 420 million users, 217 million blogs, which is the huge number and it is achieved in just 13 years. Moreover, this superlative micro-blogging platform is free and avails the marketers to spread brand awareness.

Have you ever thought how this young age social networking website could help your business flourish online?

Many of you must be unfamiliar to this online platform, and thinking how to merge it in your online marketing campaign? If you’re also looking the way how to implement it your business, here through this article, I will take you to the journey, where you will get all your answers.

How to Getting Started?

Getting started in your marketing campaign on Tumblr is not that tricky. You just need to fill the user's information form and complete all fields with valid information and after that go through the human verification test to prove that you're not a robot. After completing the basic process of sign up, one dashboard will appear on your computer screen. Now you are ready to start your campaign with Tumblr.

How to it can be bliss for your online marketing campaign?

Before getting started, you must do some ground research, whether the audiences you are targeting use Tumblr or not.

Let’s begin the journey!

Aware the people, what you do? What is your story?

Tumblr is a great platform, which avails you to make the user know about you and your stories. You can post short description or post, having information about your company, their services or anything you want your customers to know. It is basically a visual site, so it will be more fruitful to convert your message to videos or GIFs. It will be easy for you to build a brand image among the target audience, as the catchy videos will pull them to explore more about your company and brand.

Post your blog along with visuals

Visual content is something that catches attention more quickly than text. In the case of an engaging audience on Tumblr, merging interesting video clips with the informative article can play a trick to drive audience. With the growing trend of using GIFs, visuals, images most of the marketers are using it as a marketing tool to promote the business.

Use tags

It is highly very important to add tags in your blog post, as users in Tumblr look for the others post by the tags integrated with them. Suppose you are writing for mobile repairing course, before posting you can use “mobile repairing course”, “technology”, “mobile”, it will make your post visible to others, if anybody searches anything related to this keyword. It is very easy way to get noticed.