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How to Earn Money via Affiliate Marketing?


How will it feel like if you earn RS 5000 to Rs 10,000 & even more daily?


Wouldn’t it be great?

Here’s in this article, I will mention how affiliate marketing can help you to make quick money in few span of time.

Before coming to how it works, let’s know what it exactly means? Many of you may have heard about affiliate marketing, but not so familiar with it. Not going through complicated phrases, affiliate marketing is simply is one of the oldest forms of marketing, which also existed in old times and even now. It is a process of marketing, where you get the commission, if you generate leads and sales for others product or services, be it be online or offline.

These days many e-commerce companies are selling products such as shoes, web-hosting space or any other service, have an option of the affiliate program. The people who are interested can simply apply for the program and the company will provide unique tracking link. So, whenever you are marketing about any product, you need to use this special tracking affiliate link to refer the company’s site, and if customers buy anything, you get the commission.

How does it work?

If you’re finding ways to earn money through affiliate marketing, then you need to make following things:

  • A Blog/Website
  • Little HTML and CSS knowledge
  • Attractive English Writing Skills
  • A Short Report/eBook
  • An Email Autoresponder
  • Targeted Traffic

Before starting an Affiliate program, choose the niche products that you want to sell, when you join some website as an affiliate marketer, the sellers provide you with a unique affiliate code that you are required to use while referring any lead to the target site.

Many of them will provide readymade text links, banners or any other identity code, you just need to copy the code and paste it on your website to start driving traffic. So, when any users get interested and click on these links posted on your sites they get directed to the product website. Here are ways how you get the commission, but it varies company to company.

Pay per Sale: In this program the owner of the product or services pays you predefined percentage of the sale price when anybody purchases the product through your website.

Pay per Click: In this process, the marketer gets paid on the basis of the number of visitors, he/she direct any visitors to the Merchant’s website from his/her website.

Pay per Lead: the marketers get paid, if the referred visitors give their contact information on the company’s website by filling a simple contact form.

So, if you’re also finding some ways to make money online, affiliate marketing is the best way to earn money. Whether you are a blogger, designer or anything else, this marketing method can help you make huge income out of it.

Isn’t it amazing?