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Benefits of Internet Marketing Over Traditional Marketing


If we talk about digital marketing is nothing but promotion of any product or service done through the Internet. It is a new concept in the marketing sector, which has gained popularity in few span of time. With the advent of the Internet, a new wave has touched each thing on the earth. This led to the birth of new marketing techniques in the industrial sector, as common mock was moving towards digital media from traditional media.

The Growing demand digital marketing led to vanish of traditional marketing techniques. It has many benefits over the old form of marketing techniques as this very new concept offers the business houses to keep track of entire aspects related to your marketing strategy.

These days, people are more likely to spend most of their time on the Internet. Seeing this most of the business houses across the world are focusing on internet marketing rather than traditional marketing.

The popularity of social networking websites among the people in recent years has made it most effective marketing platform to address their target audience.

Let’s talk about some of the advantages of digital marketing over traditional marketing techniques.


1. Very Cost - effective

Have you ever thought!! The ads you see in the advertising slot, during your favorite show, how much it cost to the company? The amount paid to the channels are huge, some are even in crores. Not just these ads on the television cost this much, but a hoarding or an ads on the front page of a national daily cost mind blogging amount. However, thanks to the internet, as it has given great relief to the many business houses, who has a small budget for marketing and advertising their brand.

Digital marketing in true sense cost nothing in compare to the traditional marketing. If you have mastered in this field, you don’t need to pay a single penny to promote your business online.

2. Global Reach

In 1991, when P.V.Narshimha Rao was Prime Minister of India and Dr. Manmohan Singh was the finance minister, at that time the great economist of that time Dr. Manmohan Singh saved India from great financial depression. He proposed to adopt mixed economy in India and break the trade barrier. This was approved in the year 1992, which allowed the foreign companies to invest in India.

After the successful execution of the mixed economy, the term globalization came into existence. But, in true sense globalization came to life after the advent of the Internet. Soon after the birth of the Internet, the digital marketing came into existence.

Earlier the ads we use to see on the newspaper or television was limited region. But, this internet marketing drastically changed the way of advertising. Now the business houses have a global platform to promote their product or services.

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3. Measure the performance in real time

In Digital or Internet market, the marketers get the privilege to see the growth in real time. You can keep the track on the marketing activities from anywhere and anytime, which were possible in traditional marketing.

Let’s take an example, to know it in the better way. If you’re promoting your brand on the Facebook, you can see how the page performance. Like how many likes you have on your page, people are visiting or not and much more. Isn’t it great?

4. Effective branding

There is no wrong in saying that we live in a digital world. And, If you’re an entrepreneur, but don’t have the online address of your own, though you are investing a lot on tradition marketing, then sorry to say that your business can’t stand in this completive environment.

The growth of the business in this era depends on the strategy they are using to promote it. A well-maintained website is a must and valid, quality, and informative content adds a cherry to the cake. It is highly important to target audience and convert it into leads.

5. Can keep check on your strategy

Being an entrepreneur, if you are not satisfied with your current add and want to modify your television or radio campaign, it would take cost you huge time and money. However, in the case of digital marketing you can make changes whenever or wherever you want.

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