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4 Great Benefits of Having Career in Digital Marketing


The career scope in the field of the digital marketing industry can be speculated by the popularity of the internet across the world, as no area is remaining untouched. The way the whole world is going through the digital revolution and people are more used to the internet, we can easily determine, how prominent is digital marketing for industries.

Gone are the, when people look for the newspaper and broadcasting media to have information. Nowadays traditional media is leading to extinct, as most of the population are using the internet for seeking any kind of information they require.

In few span of time, the digital marketing has got great hype and is in serious demand among business houses whether it is small or big. If we talk about the job market, it is booming like never before. The companies are more likely to look for digital marketing skills, as they are putting more focus on the internet marketing.

As already mentioned that industrial sector is going through the digital revolution, companies have kept bigger budgets for this domain. So, in coming years, there will be lots of scope and that also with handsome salary package.

The Digital marketing field has no limited boundaries, its range is seamless, with varied areas and segments like as Social media, Content writing, Email marketing, SEO/SEM, Data Analysis, Designing, and much more.

Let’s talk about some of the key benefits of pursuing digital marketing as a career.


1. Become an In-Demand Professional

As digital marketing has become serious need among the companies, it has been predicted that in coming years, there will be seamless job opportunities for the aspirants. In research, it has been assumed that by the year 2020, there will be 150,000 digital jobs and there are not enough skilled professionals in comparison to the vacancy.

So, people who want to make their career in digital marketing will get the advantage in coming future as demand exceeds supply.

According to Mondo, the requirement for digital marketing skilled professionals will increase by 38% this year.

2. Benefit from More Career Choice

The world’s leading digital companies like Google, LinkedIn and Twitter are looking for digital marketing professionals. They have opened huge job opening for aspirants. It’s very rare when a week goes without a new storm of digital jobs announced for multinationals, national brands, and even SMEs.

For example, LinkedIn is soon going to double its workforce to 1200 staff and Microsoft plans to hire 100 more digital graduates. Isn’t it the good opportunity to work such leading giants of the world?

As there is the wide range of job opportunities, the job seekers have the opportunity to pick the company they want to work with. The aspirants seeking good opportunities should definitely take the advantages.


3. Get Paid More than Your Peers

As we have already mentioned, that fact revealed in the research that demand for digital marketing professionals is exceeding supply. If we apply economics, in this case, the more demand and less supply lead to price rise. So, the professionals will have the benefit of having salary according to your wish.

In a recent research executed by Prosperity revealed that digital salaries are rising with rapid pace in 2014 than in the previous five years.

4. You Can Kick Start Your Own Career

In traditional careers like advertising, people needs to wait for an internship or graduate placement to start the career so that they can have experience. But, in the case of the digital marketing world, it has immense opportunities for you to have a great start for your own career prior to even stepping in the workplace.

So, job seekers this is the right time to decide, which way you want to go. This is the golden opportunity for all aspirants, who aspire to step into the digital world.